How to be Funny with Barnie Duncan

Wed 8 Feb 7.30pm–9pm

Being funny is a superpower. The benefits of humour in all aspects of our work and life are huge - when we laugh we feel happier, less stressed, and more connected to others but can we learn to be funny?

In this talk, stand-up comedian Barnie Duncan is here to teach us how comedy works, what makes things funny and how we can we use the magical power of funny as a tool in our everyday lives.

Tickets $40 includes a drink

Tall Poppies Story Slam: Love, Actually

Wednesday 15th Feb, 7:00pm

Tall Poppies is a show in which you (the audience) are invited to prepare a 5 -7 minute true story about yourself.

The theme this time is LOVE, ACTUALLY. We want your stories of life-affirming adoration, skepticism-affirming heartbreak, and everything in between. Share your adventures in romantic love, romantic friendship, admiration for heroes or pets, love for your work or hobbies, primal love for family, and the list continues. Dish the dirt on dates gone wrong, wolves in sheep’s clothing, attachment acrobatics, and even loss, if you feel comfy sharing. Or, just come and listen

Tickets $20 + a drink

Figure + Form with London St Art Club

Wednesday 22 February, 7 - 9pm

An evening of charcoal, vino, figure, and form. Join us in a modern take on life drawing that will deepen your understanding of the human body, and how you view it.

No prior experience is required but do come with an open mind that is ready to explore your unique form of artistic expression. Whatever that may look like.We will be working with charcoal, pen and pencil materials. Dress in clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting a little smudged up, or bring an apron.

Led by artist Summer Knight (London St Art Club), Summer will teach the basic techniques of charcoal life drawing over a glass of wine.

$40 pp + a drink

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